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Our  compounds cover a wide range of chemical space and biological activity, representing a small selection of the chemistry we are able to perform for our clients.

The catalogue currently stands at approximately 2,000 compounds and is constantly being expanded. It's available in PDF or SDF formats, and around half of the structures included are unique to AF ChemPharm.

Our prices are exceptionally competitive, and we are happy to supply specific or non-standard quantities if desired.

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Ethylene chlorophosphate

Ethylene chlorophosphate, a.k.a. 2-Chloro-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane, or ECP [CAS No: 6609-64-9] is a versatile material used to create biodegradable products such as lubricants, surfactants, and flame retardants, and to produce more environmentally friendly bio-compatible polymers for things like contact lenses, stents, and bio-conjugates.

We have bulk quantities (100g - multiple kilograms) of very pure ECP available from stock, and we are able to quickly produce kilogram quantities to the same purity on request.

You can read more about this material here.



Octane selenol has been used extensively in materials chemistry in recent years.

Applications include: creating semi-conductors, the use in R&D and manufacture of solar panels, and in manufacturing CIGS quantum dots for use in other areas of nanotechnology.

We currently have multiple grams of pure octane selenol in-stock and, if required, we are able to produce kilograms of material using a method developed in-house which mitigates many of the severe technical challenges the synthesis engenders.

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