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As a Contract Research Organisation, AF ChemPharm provides synthetic and medicinal chemistry services to biotech, pharma, universities, biomarkers and chemical industry. The Company specialises in the design, synthesis, and lead optimisation of small molecules supporting drug discovery globally. AF ChemPharm is committed to accelerating your research.

Whatever your core focus,  AF ChemPharm is on hand to help you streamline your workflow. We are principally involved in early-stage drug discovery. We are reactive and versatile company, principally involved in early-stage drug discovery, but with clients from a diverse range of chemical industries.



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  • Use AF ChemPharm capacity and capability
  • De-risk research while you continue your operations
  • Get high-quality service
  • Add skills, expertise and a dedicated team to your project
  • Pursue core programmes whilst we develop results
  • Extensions to your existing research
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Highly qualified and experienced

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State-of-the-art analytical facilities

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Rapid turnaround

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Versatile, flexible team

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Skilled chemists specialising in design, synthesis and lead optimisation of small molecules.

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State-of-the-art laboratory and chemical analysis facilities.

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Well equipped specialist research equipment and analysis software.

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Talented, pro-active team of research chemists, your out-sourced chemistry partners.

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Custom Synthesis

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Contract Research and Development



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In-house Research

Directors and Scientific Advisory Board

Our team has an extensive background in chemistry, with up-to-date knowledge of modern and medicinal synthesis, and we’re coupled with a group of highly renowned academic advisors which enable AF ChemPharm to resolve your most complex and demanding chemistry problems and processes.


Dr Asad Fallah BSc, MPhil, PhD, Managing Director at AF ChemPharm


Dr Ruhksana Quyoum, post-doctoral fellowship at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada for the development of Organometallic catalysts

Professor Alan Spivey, FRSC, FRSB, SFHEA
Professor Alan Spivey

Alan Spivey is Professor of Synthetic Chemistry at Imperial College London.

AF ChemPharm Circle Prof. Joe Harrity
Professor Joe Harrity

Joe Harrity BSc (Hons.) in Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde, followed by a PhD from the same institution.

AF ChemPharm Circle Professor Arshad Majid
Professor Arshad Majid

Professor Arshad Majid’s professional mission is to develop new therapies for patients afflicted with neurological diseases, especially cerebrovascular diseases.

AF ChemPharm Circle Img Professor Beining Chen
Professor Beining Chen

Beining Chen is a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield.

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Imagine having your own personal organic synthetic chemistry department, allowing you to focus on your core activities while we deliver high-quality chemistry for your program.

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