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Expand your capability and capacity using our facilities, expertise, experience and knowledge base. We think creatively about your project challenges, search intensively to present you with the best solution. We’ll find the best option to ensure our solution covers all aspects of your challenging project.

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Bring new innovation to existing research and development

Enhance and extend your research and production programs with our approach to finding the best, not just the obvious, solutions.

Specialising in pharma and drug discovery, and dealing in areas as diverse as energy harvesting, textile dye processing, and semiconductor materials.

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UK laboratory with experience across complex projects of all sizes

Whether with fledgeling startups, university departments, or $billion multinational firms, we have executed multi-tiered, long-term projects with researchers all over the world. We perform your research and development in the UK at our fully-equipped laboratories.

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Imagine having your own personal organic synthetic chemistry department, allowing you to focus on your core activities while we deliver high-quality chemistry for your program.