Case studies

Find out more about our successful collaboration projects and innovative processes. 

Our case studies showcase AF ChemPharm’s depth of experience and expertise in providing services to the drug discovery and chemical industries. Read and enjoy

Improving efficacy of small molecules to treat stroke in an aging population

Joint work, conducted in association with Professor Arshad Majid, between AF ChemPharm and Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience SITraN.

Desperate need for new antibiotics

The issue of antibiotic resistance as a concern is well-acknowledged globally. AF ChemPharm, through a KTP scheme in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, and also a three-year prestigious Marie Curie European grant (Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships IAPP), using advance in sillico design identified a number of pharmacophores as a new generation of antibiotics. Synthesis and initial testing of these compounds showed activity against a number of bacteria. Currently lead optimisation is being pursued.

Taking on the indigo challenge.
Blue denim goes green

Indigo is a difficult compound to work with due to its poor solubility in most solvents and its low affinity for cotton. It requires a complex and time-consuming dyeing process which uses large amounts of water and produces waste products that cannot be cheaply recycled. AF ChemPharm was awarded the project by VF a major US corporation to find solutions to the technical challenges of working with indigo which led to a substantial international patent with AF Chempharm’s scientists as co-inventors

Multi-step reaction to deliver a clinical study drug precursor for GMP production

Demonstrating our capability and expertise, AF ChemPharm took on the challenge of producing a Kg of a precursor for GMP production of a 12 step drug candidate required for a clinical study for medium size bio-tech company.