Organoselenium Compounds

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An exciting new addition to our product line at AF ChemPharm, alkylselenols, dialkylselenides and dialkyl diselenides are rare compounds which we can prepare on demand in quantities from 1g - 5kg. For larger quantities, we will undertake pilot scale runs - please contact us for details.

Alkylselenium compounds have found a variety of niche uses within academic research and at commercial scale within industry. For example, they are used as raw materials for the production of quantum dots, photovoltaic cells, other optoelectronic devices, and for semi-conductor materials. As end products they are suitable for NMR handles, for the functionalisation of metal nanoparticles and, potentially, as therapeutics for cancer and other illnesses.

  Organoselenium compounds from AF ChemPharm

Finding reliable commercial suppliers of these organoselenium compounds is difficult, particularly if you wish to be able to scale up supply at short notice, as they tend to be volatile, pungent and noxious liquids which are unpleasant to synthesise even at small scales. However, at AF ChemPharm we have developed process technology which neutralises these problems and allows us to manufacture at all scales. In fact, you are highly unlikely to find any other company who even sell these materials - much less provide the same range, quality, quantities and prices as we do here at AF ChemPharm!

If you would like some more information, or to discuss an order for our organoselenium compounds - from a few grams to tens of kilograms - just get in touch with us.

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