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As well as our consultancy, custom synthesis and contract research services, we also have a number of products available. Our current catalogue is available for download below in PDF and SDF formats. Please note that we will not be updating the PDF version of the catalogue from 2011, though it will remain as legacy copy. The SDF version will, of course, continue to be updated. For both versions, prices are available on application.

We also have a range of new building blocks available from stock, 'as-is'. Prices are included in both PDF and SDF versions:

  • New building blocks - Jan 2011:   PDF | SDF

As well as our building blocks and screening compounds covered in the catalogues, we have a brand new product for 2011:  SulfoniSil

AF ChemPharm:  A smaller jacketed vessel     

This is a silica-supported sulfonic acid catalyst with excellent physico-chemical properties such as a high thermal and mechanical stability, a large surface area, and extremely high loading (about 1.6 mmol/g). The interphase (organic/inorganic hybrid) nature of the material means that the active groups are well dispersed and available for reaction, and recovery and re-use is straightforward and practical - simply filter off the catalyst and wash to remove contaminants before adding directly to the next reaction. These characteristics make it ideal for application into a wide range of processes and can remain suitable from bench-top to plant.

This powerful, durable and flexible catalyst has application in a number of synthetic processes, with particular efficacy in the manipulation of activating and protecting groups.

Take a look at our SulfoniSil Brochure (PDF) for further information.

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