Scientific Advisors

Professor Joe Harrity

Joe Harrity is a Professor of Chemistry within the University of Sheffield's synthesis and catalysis cluster, having gained the position in 2008. Joe was also awarded the Pfizer Discovery Academic Award in 2004, and the AstraZeneca Research Award in 2006 for his work in the development of novel and selective carbon-carbon bond forming strategies for the preparation of functionalised synthetic intermediates. His specific areas of interest include the synthesis of heterocyclic boronic esters and piperidines via the application of cycloaddition chemistry.

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Professor Alan Spivey

Alan Spivey has been at Imperial College London since 2003, and he became Professor of Synthetic Chemistry there in 2008. Alan won the AstraZeneca Research Award in 2007, and his research interests involve the development of useful new synthetic concepts and methods, and their application into the synthesis of biologically active molecules. Specific areas of interest include: nucleophilic organocatalysis, novel Ge-based linkers for organic synthesis, the development of NCE's for treatment of asthma and cancer, and 18F compounds for PET imaging.

Click here to visit Alan's web pages at Imperial College London

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