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Organoselenium Compounds

  (Aug 2011)

  • After a long period of research, we are happy to announce that we are able to offer a brand new range of products - alkylselenium compounds. These materials have come into their own recently, paving the way for new techniques, materials and areas of research - they are already beginning to be used in commerical quantum dot and semiconductor applications, with many more to follow! We have developed process technology which allows us to prepare these noxious compounds on gram to multikilogram scales, thus we can provide our customers with research or commercial quantities of selenols, selenides and diselenides. Click here for more details!


  (Jan 2011)

  • We have released a new product: SulfoniSil. This is a silica-supported sulfonic acid catalyst with excellent physico-chemical properties, making it ideal for use (and re-use) in a range of chemical transformations. See our products page for further information.

New building blocks

  (Jan 2011)

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

  (Oct 2010)

  • In the final quarter of 2010, we intitiated a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in association with Dr Beining Chen at the University of Sheffield. The project involves the application of a variety of approaches to explore different aspects of in silico molecular modelling, together with chemical synthesis and biological testing. We are exploring the fascinating area of antibiotics, and development of resistance in microorganisms.

Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways

  (Aug 2010)

  • In collaboration with the Marie Curie Laboratory for Membrane Proteins (Maynooth, Republic of Ireland) and Dualsystems Biotech (Schlieren, Switzerland) , we are involved in a project to investigate the structure and function of the receptor for Retinol Binding Protein (RBP), particularly in the context of diseases such as derangements in tissue development and type 2 diabetes. AF ChemPharm is acting as the synthetic chemistry 'arm' of the project, synthesising compound libraries and analogues.

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Relocation to new premises in central Sheffield


  • Early in 2009 we completed our move to our beautiful, newly refurbished, purpose-designed premises in the centre of Sheffield. The move has allowed us to expand our facilities and offer the synthesis of larger quantities of your target compounds - we can provide synthesis of milligrams to kilograms, on time and on budget

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