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     AF ChemPharm: Our Laboratory!

Here at AF ChemPharm, simply put, our role is to simplify your science.

We provide a range of services to accelerate your projects; whether you require the one-time synthesis of a few milligrams of a lead compound, or an extended-contract preparation of multiple kilograms of a key intermediate, we are on hand to support your company and simplify synthesis. Our extremely talented, flexible and dedicated team put decades of experience and state-of-the-art facilities at your fingertips, working with you to craft a bespoke project structured around your needs.

AF ChemPharm combines technical excellence, genuine passion, and a strong work ethic with very competitive rates. We believe that good communication leads to clear objectives and deliverables, and to the most successful outcome for our clients. Unlike most other companies, you can choose to discuss your projects with the people who are actually at the bench, doing the chemistry, providing you with a more intimate understanding of your project's detail, and clarity on its direction.

Crucially, we offer the same commitment and passion to your projects that you would want to give them yourself.

AF ChemPharm offers solid expertise in a range of areas, including:

  • A wide general chemical synthesis knowledge
  • Milligram to kilogram batch synthesis capacity
  • Developing new synthetic routes
  • Purification and analysis
  • Synthesis of drugs, intermediates, analogues, metabolites and impurities
  • Synthesis of reference compounds
  • Building blocks for combinatorial chemistry
  • High and low temperature reactions (-80°C to 300°C)
  • Hydrogenation
  • Fantastic communciation and customer service!

AF ChemPharm: Automated Chromatography Equipment     

A typical project with you, as a new client, begins with a consultation on the molecules you wish us to construct and the desired timeframe. We will then produce a quote for you - it usually takes three working days or less to reach this point. All discussions even at this early stage would, of course, remain confidential.

We would then enter a brief discussion with you regarding confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements, the amount of communication within the project, and any other issues. Some of our clients prefer to consult with us on the project's progression at every step, while others simply want a quick email before dispatch! Our aim is to fit around your needs, so it's entirely up to you.

We generally consider our work to fall into one of three key areas, Consultancy, Custom Synthesis and Contract Research. Of course, the three areas are intimately related, and your projects may fall across more than one, or progress from one to another.

     AF ChemPharm: Purified material


   Our clients can tap into the knowledge, skills and troubleshooting experience of our talented team. Using the communication channels of your preference, we can discuss the synthetic route difficulties facing you and your organisation in the strictest confidence, before working together to provide practical and robust solutions.

Custom Synthesis:

   We provide bespoke synthesis of materials, from milligrams to kilograms. Whether you would like to free up high value time in-house by outsourcing routine short step syntheses, or need to have complex, multi-step compounds delivered on time, we can simplify your workflow by acting as a dedicated synthesis arm to your company.

We have particular expertise in the synthesis of boronic acids and esters, fluorinated heterocycles and non-natural amino acids, but have had experience of making a very diverse range of targets since 1998! With access to state-of-the-art synthetic facilities and a world class analytical suite, you can rest assured that your projects, and your intellectual property, are in exceptionally safe hands, and that your targets will be delivered at the highest standard, on time and on budget.

Contract Research:

   Our clients may wish for us to undertake extended projects, such as the design and synthesis of compound libraries, investigation of multiple synthetic routes to a target, or lead optimisation by analogue synthesis. We bracket these activities under Contract Research; the IP remains the sole property of our clients, and of course our usual standards of confidentiality and technical and communicative excellence apply.

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